Power Generation 


Since 1935, Lectrodryer has served the Power Generation Industry as the Experts in solutions for Turbines and Hydrogen Cooled Generator Auxiliaries. 


Lectrodryer Auxiliaries will improve generator and turbine efficiency, enhance the safety associated with generator and turbine operations, facilitate gas conservation, communicate real time information to the DCS, track and trend water removal from the generator, and decrease generator degas and refill time. 

Custom Engineering 


Lectrodryer is a fully integrated manufacturing facility with the capability to design, engineer, and manufacture custom solutions for use in different industries around the world.


Our Custom Engineering Division specializes in process quality controls to produce complex equipment to meet complex requirements.



Signature Products 


Lectrodryer has over 80 years of experience removing impurities from solvents, liquids, and gases. Lectrodryer has been relied upon by leading equipment manufacturers to provide high quality purification equipment for their processes.


Moisture is a major cause of poor product quality in industrial systems. Moisture related impurities lead to downtime, costly repairs, product discoloration, product rejection, and lost production.


Lectrodryer specializes in designing and manufacturing purification equipment for several applications.


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