Chemical Plants


Applications for drying and purification for manufacturing or processing of chemical products are numerous. There are no specific applications that are used more than others. Lectrodryers have been used to dry and purify feed stocks of all types of chemicals. The following are just a few applications Lectrodryer has systems for:


  • XYLENE for the manufacturing of polyester fibers, blow-molded items (mostly bottles) and films

  • BENZENE for the manufacturing of styrenic plastics, resins, and nylons

  • BUTADIENE for the manufacturing of fabricated rubber products and fiber

  • PROPYLENE for the manufacturing of fabricated plastics and fiber

  • ETHYLENE for the manufacturing of fabricated plastics, antifreeze, and fibers

  • ACETONE for producing pharmaceutical products

  • ETHANOL/METHANOL for producing artificial sweetener

  • REFRIGERANTS for sale in refrigeration units

  • ACETYLENE for producing vinyl chloride monomer (PVC) pipe

  • TOLUENE for producing pharmaceutical products

  • METHYLENE CHLORIDE for producing pharmaceutical products

  • TETRAHYDRAFURAN for producing pharmaceutical products

  • HYDROGEN for use in chemical plant processes

  • AMMONIA SYNTHESIS GAS formanufacturing of fertilizers

  • SYNTHESIS GAS formanufacturing of intermediate chemicals


There are also a number of chemicals that react violently with either oxygen or water, so that their preservation must be maintained under an atmosphere of dry inert gas. Twenty-five percent of the nitrogen used in the U.S. is used by the chemical processing industry. This nitrogen, in most cases, is dried by adsorption. Without this dry nitrogen blanket, there would be corrosion of pipelines and vessels, poisoning and consumption of valuable catalyst and inhibition of reactions. An example of this is an inert cover gas used for polymer production. A dry inert gas blankets the polymer material being produced. If moisture is present in the gas, the polymer will undergo oxidative degradation and the desired product will not be obtained.

Chemical Plants
Chemical Plants


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