Aftermarket Services


Minimize unscheduled downtime, extend the life of your system, and improve the performance of your Lectrodryer.


Offering genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, competitive pricing, and quick turnaround, Lectrodryer is your one-stop shop for parts & service. Whether you need parts quickly or are planning a preventative maintenance program, we are here to help. Our staff of highly-trained experts are ready to quickly and efficiently address most questions over the phone or via email. Service technicians are available for on-site technical visits and customized training.


Lectrodryer's Refurbishment Service can restore your machine to factory condition and upgrade it with the newest design features.

Spare Parts



Tel: +1-859-624-2091

Fax:  +1-859-623-2436

USA Toll Free: 1-877-403-5215

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