Lectrodryer, L.L.C., originally was founded in May of 1932 by the W. E. Moore Company located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and was named the "Pittsburgh Lectrodryer Corporation." The W. E. Moore Company was a major manufacturer of electric arc furnaces for the steel industry. Pittsburgh Lectrodryer was formed for the purpose of drying gases used in these metal-treating furnaces. At that time, there were no companies manufacturing adsorption dryers. Most steel companies or furnace manufacturers built their own dryers on an as needed basis with very little adsorption technology. Pittsburgh Lectrodryer Corporation with cooperation from Aluminum Company of America, the leader in adsorbents, then developed desiccant dryers. Based on this research and data, Pittsburgh Lectrodryer Corporation introduced to industry the first fully engineered line of adsorption dryers. Its first order was for drying high-pressure natural gas for the Thomas Steel Company (now U.S. Steel) in Youngstown, Ohio.

In 1955, the W.E. Moore Company was purchased by McGraw Electric Company, which merged with Thomas A. Edison Industries in 1956 (now known as McGraw Edison Company). Then, in 1972 McGraw Edison sold the Lectrodryer Division to Ajax Magnethermic of Warren, Ohio. At that time the name was changed to Lectrodryer, Division of Ajax Magnethermic. The plant and office personnel were moved from Pittsburgh to a facility in Richmond, Kentucky. In 2001 the Lectrodryer Division was purchased by the current owners who maintain a 12,000 square foot facility at 135 Quality Drive in Richmond, Kentucky.

Today, Lectrodryer plays a vitally important role in solving the drying and purification problems of industry with heavy emphasis on the power industry. It has designed and manufactured units for every major generator manufacturer and is a leader in providing new control technology.